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The Interview

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My thoughts on 'The Interview'


So I'm gonna write about The Interview for a bit because I do have a few things I'd like to say. 
Warning this will have spoilers in it but if never planned on seeing the movie than it really shouldn't matter. So the story begins pretty much how the trailers depicted it. James Franco and Seth Rogan's characters are invited to interview Kim Jung Un and of course the interview is revealed to be all scripted by the North Korean government and upon announcing the interview the CIA conscripts the two into assassinating Un. When Franco and Rogan end up in North Korea they notice that it's a lot more modern than what is told by the media (the media is a big theme in the movie). The first thing they notice is that there is a very nice looking grocery store and no one on the street seems to be starving this is also backed up by the information given by the head of the communications department overseeing the interview. Upon meeting Un for the first time Un and Franco's character form a very strong friendship and Un is depicted as a very likable person and misunderstood by westerners because of the media. Franco decides to not go through with assassination and joins Un for a private dinner with his generals where Franco then learns that Un really is "bat-shit crazy" and discovers the grocery store they saw upon first entering Pyonyang. While this is going on Rogan's character and the head of communications are going over new data for the interview and she reveals that all the information she's been giving them is a lie and she actually despises Un's leadership and wants him out of power. When Franco returns from the dinner he immediately starts asking for the poison to go through with the assassination but instead the head of communications, who was hiding in the room at the time, over hears the assassination plot and tells them that killing him won't result in change but calling out all the lies he's been feeding them with the actual data will cause the people to revolt. In the end Franco starts going off Un's script and reveals all the actual atrocities that have been committed in North Korea during the interview which was broadcast world wide. Franco and Rogan escape from the country right as a civil war breaks out ultimately resulting in the Kim family regime being overthrown and the country taken back by the people.

The main theme of the movie isn't the assassination of Kim Jung Un but instead how the media can both be used to oppress people and be the leading factor in change. Overall it was an ok movie with a pretty good message at the end. If I had to give it a rating I'd give it

                                                       3.5 out of 5 GauzeStars 
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